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Did you know that good health habits and an end to disease begin in the same place, your stomach? If you are not analyzing what's on your plate, you are taking a grave risk. As an experienced and certified nutrition professional, my specialty is getting women healthy fast. Let's talk about how food can change your health and your life.

The days of health being a mystery are over. Science has proven and our bodies have always know that we need certain minerals and vitamins in every part of our bodies to sustain health and promote life. The reports of disease in the US are staggering but we are finally listening.


I am here to provide motivation and solutions for eating healthy at home, at work and even while traveling.

























After years of being sick, this Philadelphia native, former actor and model sought natural treatments which included a change of diet. Then came a borderline cancer diagnosis. I made myself my own guinea pig eating a RAW Live Foods diet and studying nutrition to find a cure for my recurring condition. After having previously had three surgeries, I averted a fourth when my body miraculously healed itself through Living Foods.



























With over 15 years experience in food services and catering, I have combined my passion for food with nutrition knowledge to offer real solutions.  In 2012. I received my Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and in 2011, a Certificate in Health Ministry from Hallelujah Acres.


I can help you solve your food concerns.


With real life experience and certifications in plant based nutrition, I can teach you how to succeed in reaching your personal health goals through a living foods lifestyle.


I support community wellness.


Besides working with clients one-on-one, I am a school wellness consultant and public speaker teaching nutrition in schools through non-profit organizations.

Recipe Rehab Host Danny Boome and me at Kids Food Festival in Bryant Park. New York, NY.

The Plant Rich Life

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