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Rebecca Johnson


certified plant based nutrition and wellness coach, speaker and culinary arts instructor

Plant Rich Life provides creative wellness solutions to help individuals transition from a low-nutrient Sad American Diet (SAD) high in fat, sugar and animal protein to a nutrient-rich, low fat, plant-protein diet to restore health and maintain strong bodies and dynamic living.

In 2012, Rebecca received her Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and in 2011, a Certificate in Health Ministry from Hallelujah Acres.

She speaks on various wellness topics for healthy minds and bodies and youth and vitality. Rebecca is a nutrition specialist and consultant for public and charter schools providing curriculum and programming that engages students, staff and the community.


​With over 15 years experience in food services and catering, Rebecca combined her nutrition knowledge and love for food hosting educational cooking classes and food demonstrations for corporations and individuals through Celebrevents, LLC.

In 2011, Rebecca won the 2011 Volunteer of the Year award and has served on the board of the New York Coalition for Health School Food for the last two years.


At 63, her father died of a heart attack due to high blood pressure. Then in 2000, she was diagnosed with a precancerous condition. It was then that she began looking for the connection between nutrition and health. Rebecca adverted a fourth surgery, lost 25 pounds in three months and has committed her life to helping others ever since.

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