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Nutrition Education

Family mealtime can be stressful when trying to get children to eat healthier options. The last thing you want at the dinner table is a battle of wills over what your child is eating. Family meal times should promote family values. We offer time tested solutions in meal planning and nutritional counseling.


Our goal is to support and coach parents in modeling healthy behaviors using easy communication tools, shopping lists, and recipes that will get the family eating healthy and foster joyful mealtimes.


Cooking parties are a hit for children and adults alike! Recipes are made from the freshest ingredients and may include organic, Non-GMO, plant-based, gluten-free whole food ingredients which limit food allergies and tickle the taste buds.


Cooking demonstrations and tastings are available at school, special event and home parties offering plant-based options like frozen fruit sundaes with all the toppings, pasta dishes, pizza faces, and dips and spreads. 



Family Nutrition
Parties & Demos

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Cooking Classes

Studies show that the younger children are when they are exposed to healthier food options, the better chance they have of continuing to eat healthy throughout their lives. Kids make colorful, kid-friendly dishes that promote healthy eating. Little chefs lead the way as they "play and cook" delicious treats that are easily duplicated at home.


Cooking classes teach children how to cooperate with one another, follow directions and make healthy choices. The completed dishes are eaten together as a group and foster a positive food experience with life-long benefits.

Kids could care less about nutrition science.
Our nutrition programs inspire and empower kids to want to make healthy choices. Clients who hire us address childhood obesity and long-term health outcomes with substantially greater impact.
 Kids love to cook healthy foods. Healthy options have attractive colors, shapes, and flavors highlighted in a playful atmosphere of creativity and adventure through cooking. Cooking with children is a proven way to get them eating healthy because what they cook they are more likely to eat. Our healthy cooking classes and parties combine "play and cooking" through hands-on activities vital to creating a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. 

Our curriculum taught in charter and public schools, addresses the basics of healthy eating through exposure to real food. While the value and impact of  "plant-strong" foods on growing bodies is a known scientific fact, teaching that science to young minds with appeal and effectiveness can only come from seasoned experience. For over 7 years, we have engaged children and the school community through comprehensive wellness initiatives. 

Kids learn in groups using curriculum that is activity, project, and game-based. New foods are introduced through tastings,  demonstrations and hands-on food preparation. 

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