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My doctor told me I would have to live with my condition for the rest of my life, that was October of 2000.

Health is just a decision away. I made mine by changing my diet and have been celebrating life and health ever since.

What's stopping you from having radically-improved, condition-free health? Without medication or surgery.

Are you a health seeker who knows what needs to get done, like balancing your daily diet with more nutrient dense foods, but you just can't seem to get it going? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the "new"nutrition information but you don't know where to start?

Whatever it is that has you stuck...not being able to lose those last ten pounds or your checkup results have not changed since the last visit to the doctor or you are like I was, sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Changing how you eat can make all the difference -- I did it and so can you!

​Getting started will be a lot easier when you understand the science behind the information and become inspired to achieve health for yourself. It is possible and very doable! I have been studying plant-based nutrition for over a decade and know which foods trigger weight gain and cause chronic conditions and prevent disease, and I also know how to teach you to substitute nutritious and delicious foods that won't leave you feeling hungry or energy depleted. Too often we are looking for a quick fix, like counting calories and eating processed foods, yet what our bodies need to recover from illness and balance our systems is to avoid certain foods altogether and instead eat the right foods that bring the greatest amount and the highest quality of vitamins, minerals and natural substances which provide a state of physical, emotional and mental well-being.

With all the negative test results and three prior surgeries, I should have been convinced that a fourth surgery was my only choice. I was overwhelmed with a relationship breakup and a move from miles away, all on top of deep fear that if I went into surgery again, I was not coming out.


In my moment of desperation, I cried ' God, I cannot do this!


Soon after, I met someone who suggested I visit her for a meal at a RAW Living foods restaurant by the name of Quintessence. I was there later the same week and read from their library a book titled A Way Out by Matthew Grace. Matthew was diagnosed with a debilitating incurable disease yet after changing his diet, he went on to become an Olympic athlete. I was amazed!  I knew those few words I uttered in desperation were heard teaching me that no prayer is too small. I decided right then and there to change.

Sometimes we continue to look for proof to stop doing
something that we know inside is hurting us.

I now see the circumstances that led me through all of that as a miracle (something I cannot explain and cannot refute). I was all alone on my journey. I would spend hours every day doing research for every rash, pain, and symptom while continuing to work and believe. I didn't want to be discouraged from taking action on what I knew inside to be right, so I kept my plan a secret to everyone except the surgeon, who wrote a formal letter "threatening death" to release himself from any blame in case my plan for natural healing did not pan out.

By God's Grace, after that note I had the strength to carry on...

Almost 15 years later, we have projects like The China Study by MIT researcher Dr. T. Colin Campbell, who authored my last certification in Plant Based Nutrition, making the scientific case for restoring health and preventing disease through eating a whole foods, plant-based diet. One of my recipes was recently published on the Center for Nutrition Studies. Other lifestyle physicians promoting diet as prevention and cure are Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. John McDougall.


Then what pushed me was fear and an inside voice that repeated "there's another way.," Overnight, I began eating a RAW Live Foods diet. While others were worrying about the crash of the stock market, Y2K was my breakout year, when I was healed from the crippling effects of a recurring condition with debilitatin symptoms, pain and 25 pounds gone, Ezcema gone,  surgeries gone,  and precancerous diagnosis down the tubes - all at ONCE!

I hope and pray that what happened to me does not happen to you, but even if it does, I can assure you that you can be healthy again, because if I did it, so can you.


I am LIVING PROOF that the human body is a "miraculous self-healing" machine which when given a nutrient dense, plant-based whole foods diet can heal and be free from disease. If you want to know more about what I mean about the body being "miraculaously" self healing you can purchase this book and DVD from Hallelujah Acres which was founded by Reverend George Malkmus who has a story about being cured from prostate cancer through nutrition.

The moment of truth that my body and I were not in sync changed my life forever. because I believed that I was meant to be healthy in spite of my condition, faith pushed me beyond my physician's prognosis that my condition was not nutrition-related and untreatable.


The first words said by Dr. Malkmus that have stayed with me for over two decades were, "you don't have to be sick."

I have spent 15 plus years proving that diagnosis wrong. Now I teach, train and speak about others can do the same. See what Luz had to say after making changes to her diet:

"Since the raw foods and watching what I put into my body - my skin is much clearer.  My energy is

up the roof and my mind is very clear......I'm never going back to my old habits....."

The right foods provide benefits like weight loss, lowering blood pressure, preventing diabetes, ridding the body of skin conditions and allergies and curing hormonal disorders, raising blood levels and those are just some of the results. You deserve to be healthy!

If you are ready to begin the process of taking back your health, contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.

Also, see this PDF with more information about personal coaching services. ​

©2012. The Plant Rich Life is "plant strong," non-dairy, organic, and fresh!

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