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And with that he breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit.” – John 20:22


December 7, 2015


The process of fibrillation is a chaotic rhythmic motion that is a sign of a heart attack. Fibrillation causes a lack of blood flow and limits oxygen to the brain. Using a defibrillator, medical professionals help aid the heart in getting back to its proper rhythm where blood is pumped at a normal rate and oxygen is returned to the brain.


The heart is the pump that allows blood to flow throughout the body, the process of breathing is like a filter ridding our bodies of toxins on the one end while drawing in oxygen on the other. It is the Holy Spirit that blows the breath of life into man. Both the defrillator and the Holy Spirt are primers that get the heart pumping and oxygen flowing.


Parenting is a full time, 24 hour a day job, requiring a special kind of stamina. The energy required to do all that parents must, like tending to cuts and scrapes, managing melt downs and making sure homework is complete, look humanly possible from the outside but as many parents know in the moment they can feel anything but. How do parents do it?


If you have asked yourself that question before and sat in silence to hear the answer, you know that a parents ability can only come from above. Start your day with five minutes of inhalation while inviting the Holy Spirit to be the “wind” beneath your wings.  Consciously breath in for 3 counts, hold for 4 counts and exhale for 3 counts or any number you choose. As long as you are relaxed and meditating on the life giving force that God has made available for everything you have to face this day.  


"When you breathe, you inspire. When you do not breathe, you expire." -- Quote from an 11-year-old's science exam (

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