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What Did Daniel Really Eat?

Rebecca Johnson March 19, 2013

For some of us diet changes are a long process while for others, they are a leap of faith. In 2000, when I made the decision to only give my body, whole, plant-based, unprocessed, non-chemical, organic foods for three months, I did it overnight.

Something came over me all at once.

I had an appointment for surgery that was 40 some days away and no one could tell me, especially my doctor, if the upcoming surgery would be the last or just number four in a long line of more procedures that would prevent me from walking, working and living life on my terms.

I was petrified. And desperate!  As I look back, I can see how desperation served me well.


The fear I felt at that time was unlike anything I had experienced before, including having been held up in a robbery, ocean diving and moving to New York City with $50 and an overnight bag. The fear of my health being outside of my own control was a shock which opened a new door.

I kept asking myself questions about how I felt and looked for ways to manage the overwhelming feelings I was experiencing. All that wonder caused me to reach out to new people, one of whom was a girl volunteering for a leadership course I was taking at the time. Not knowing anything about me other than the fact that I had dabbled in eating a vegetarian diet, she recommended Quintessence restaurant.


On my first visit to the restaurant, I skimmed through a book titled "A Way Out" by Matthew Grace. How's that for a name? A Way Out by Grace! It was in Matthew's book that I was exposed to the idea that simple eating, that is eating pure, organic, whole plant foods can cure disease. It wasn't my first time eating live food, it was the reading about how Matthew had been healed by eating that way that made up my mind to give it a try.

Matthew became an Olympic athlete after changing his diet to a live foods diet. And Daniel the young slave boy also experienced supernatural strength after eating the same way.

The "Daniel Fast" is becoming more popular as an alternative for Christian communities who abstain from food during certain observances, lowering




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